Top 10 Killer SEO Tips for Small Business

Alistair Roberts
Posted by Alistair Roberts on Mar 28, 2017 8:50:23 PM

We’ve compiled our top ten SEO tips for small business to get killer SEO results faster, without paying more for services. Yes, it can be done. We’re the small business heroes of SEO and we’re here to rescue your digital marketing budget from the perils of SEO overspend!

1. Make SEO part of your small business marketing plan

The biggest mistake small businesses make is to see SEO as a standalone job that doesn’t actually directly affect their overall marketing and branding position. The big SEO tip for small business is to make sure that your SEO company is doing work that reflects your brand. Spamming links, sending spammy emails or just posting on poor quality websites all tells your customers and potential partners that you are cheap and spammy.

2. Change up how you create content

Everyone knows that blogging is essential for great SEO results. Creating content that contains the right on-page elements (keyword rich meta titles, descriptions, header tags, quality writing that reflects the search term etc – find a full list of on page SEO attributes here) will take your content to the next level. It’s not just about writing it, dumping it on your blog and hoping for the best, our advice for littler enterprises is to keep sharing, amplifying and recommending your content to get the clicks and the customers.

3. Know enough to say NO to bad SEO deals

SEO is complex. Your SEO strategy has multiple layers with tactics that are targeted to your brand, industry and website capabilities. The “one size fits all” approach to SEO makes it easier on SEO companies but it usually means you’re paying for services you don’t need. Reading a high quality SEO blog or joining an authoritative digital marketing community like Moz will answer a lot of the basic questions. Once you have that basic understanding, you can go into that SEO company meeting armed with understanding!

Getting to know the basic SEO tools (many are free) will also help you understand how your competitors are doing SEO so you can get some of their links too! Your SEO company uses complex and advanced SEO tools to understand your industry but you can kick start your SEO journey by using the basic, free tools too.

4. Use SEO in the REAL WORLD

This is amongst the least publicised SEO tips for small business owners. SEO companies don’t want you cottoning on to how you can be your own SEO hero. We want you to be educated. We want you to help us to help you because we know that our greatest asset in creating an amazing SEO result is you!

By including SEO as part of your overall marketing plan, you can acquire high quality links from your suppliers, customers and industry peers. A handful of authentic, quality links are worth hundreds of spammy ones. Talk to your suppliers about adding a link to your website. Write them a case study to publish on their blog about how their product has helped your business or your customers – in exchange for a link to your website.

5. Flaunt your expertise

You are the best darn “whatever you do” in Brisbane! It’s time to prove it. Offer to speak at business meet ups. Offer to contribute to white papers. Write your own white papers that explore and solve an industry problem – and then let your competitors and industry leaders sharing it on socials and referring to it in their own blogs. Does your industry face high staff turnover? Why not investigate how other companies have overcome that and put some measures in place. If they’re successful, or even if they’re not, your insights and tips are valuable – so valuable they may just attract lucrative SEO links (not to mention positioning you as an industry innovator) without you even trying!

6. Get customers raving about you

Are you a local bricks and clicks business? The fastest way to land yourself top of search results is to come up number one on the Google map. Google My Business is the free, fast way for local business to get more clicks from local customers. Be sure to set it up thoroughly, with the right categories and the right keywords. Set up other high quality directories too (think Yellow Pages and True Local – not Make sure your name, address and phone is consistent across all directories and your website (same format etc). Once you’re all set up, get your customers RAVING about you. Get them telling the world what an amazing brand you are. Ask them to click on you on the map and add their testimonial. You could find yourself high in search results in no time!

7. Be generous with reviews and information

Write a review for suppliers so good that they post it right to the home page of their site. They know that to build trust for their brand, a testimonial should accompany information about your company to prove it’s all legitimate and can be checked if need be – all that adds up to a link! Part of online business groups? When your industry peers or potential partners ask for advice or start a conversation about a problem, offer them help. Offer to write them some notes for them to use in a blog on their site. All you ask in return… is a link.

8. Bundle up your SEO, Social and PR for better ROI on sponsorship and promotion

The “big grand marketing project” is a scary spend for small business owners. Do you spend $2000 on a month of tried and true link building or do you step outside your comfort zone and invest in a far riskier campaign? While monthly link building is absolutely essential for growing your web footprint, budgeting for a digital PR campaign in the lead up to your busiest period can open up new channels for your business.

By working with local, relevant bloggers/influencers on a giveaway or promotion you can not only get some high quality links, you can also build your mailing list (they use an app to capture entry data), some social followers and reach new markets through a trusted source.

9. Utilise your resources – your team or even your teens!

Your team is probably made up of some highly knowledgeable and authoritative experts who can write your expert content and promote you on LinkedIn….and a few admin staff who are kind of bored with their jobs. Your 20 year old receptionist is likely ALL OVER social media and the web on her time off (a clue will be her attachment to her phone) and compared to her usual duties, digital marketing is an exciting task that stimulates her creativity. Work it. Use it. Let her do simple tasks as part of her daily role. Keep “digital savviness” in mind when hiring because a team member who knows the basics will be worth their weight in gold. Your junior could quickly earn you better results and become your sales team’s favourite person!

Some SEO work is easy – so easy a child (well a teen) could do it. If your teen is forever asking for money and complaining about being bored, it might be time to put them to work. Listing your business in directories is simple, but very, very tedious. Getting your teen to do this “data entry” job is a good way for them to earn some pocket money and for you to get on top of basic SEO without spending precious hours doing it!

10. Our top SEO tip for small business? Switch to Media Heroes!

Our top SEO tip for small business is to go with a company that understands small business. When you join an SEO company that’s handling the big guns you’re joining specialists in using big advertising budgets to boost SEO. In this industry, the smaller the client, the more expertise you need! Look for small and medium business specialists – heroes of small business! We understand your budget. We understand that your spend needs to be carefully planned to get the most value. We can help you avoid the traps of SEO sharks and grow your business, not just your rankings, on your budget.

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