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Alistair Roberts
Posted by Alistair Roberts on Jul 27, 2017 3:00:23 AM

If your website is converting at the average 2%, bumping that up by a single 1% will skyrocket your sales! The good news: it can take under an hour to redesign your landing page for SEO and conversion oomph!

Let’s talk all things landing pages. Landing page SEO and CRO is the focus of most eCommerce traders in 2017 – 2018. There’s countless tools, tips and tricks out there to help you boost your sales through the ultimate landing page design and copy. Which do you trust? As the heroes of small business SEO and online sales, Media Heroes is here to help! Let’s talk all things landing pages and boost your bottom line – in under one hour!

Landing page SEO vs landing page CRO – let’s find a balance!

It’s a fine line… finding balance between landing page SEO elements and conversion tactics. SEO means carefully crafting copy and building links to your page but often SEO friendly copy isn’t best practice for CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). To find the balance, and to establish a landing page that drives more sales, it’s vital to focus on conversion first, SEO second.

Remember, that hosting your landing page as a dedicated mini-site is not best practice; you should host your landing page on your own website. Google prefers it that way, for both organic results and Adwords click prices!

High conversion landing page elements

All landing pages are different. If you’re selling a highly competitive product, like insurance for example, the tone and feel of your landing page will be very different to a fun and funky clothing store. There’s no one right answer, however, all high converting landing pages have a few key elements in common:

  1. #1 Headlines that elicit an emotional response

Clear, concise and pain point driven. There are great headline analysis tools on the web. The Co-Schedule tool is perhaps the most user friendly. Play around with your headline and make sure it really packs a punch!

  1. #2 A catchy explanation of your value proposition

Be sure they know right away why you’re offering a highly valuable service. Basically, tell them “what’s in it for them” in the first few lines of your copy. Remember that your landing page should have one message in mind. It should be 100% focused on a particular audience with a particular problem. Stay focused! Use “at a glance” bullet points to demonstrate your benefits. Now is not the time to fill your landing page with long, SEO friendly copy.

  1. #3 Wow imagery and video

It’s time to pull out the big guns. Don’t just settle on any stock photo – find THE ULTIMATE image and make it big, front and centre. It must relate to the copy, it must relate to the reader and it must relay how they should be feeling about buying from you. If you can show your product, in use, solving the reader’s problems – all the better!

  1. #4 The all-important call to action

Tell them directly what you want them to do, why they should do it and how to make the leap.   Give them a stand out button to click. Give them a reason to click and to click RIGHT NOW. Use arrows and other directional cues to show them where to click. Make the call to action front and centre – it’s the most important element on the page.

  1. #5 Make it easy on the eye and the scroll finger

All your best info must be visually beautiful and above the fold (the area you don’t need to scroll to see). Don’t make them scroll for days to find your call to action and actionable button; it should be the first thing they see.

  1. #6 Trust elements

Testimonials, awards, big name buyers, security badges – make them trust you or lose them. Provide a guarantee to take any risk out of the purchase. Display your phone number to prove you’re a real person. Poor spelling and grammar will deteriorate your trustworthiness, so don’t forget to proofread!

  1. #7 Keep form fields to a minimum

Now is not the time to do market research about who is signing up. You can get that later. Minimise the number of fields so that your customer can get past the sign-up and start shopping! Set up auto responders to get more demographical information after sign up.

  1. #8 No distractions

Give the reader no choice. Move forward with the conversion or find the back button. These should be the only options. Don’t give them a social bar to click on and be distracted from the process of converting. Don’t give them menus and ads and other distractions. Keep it clean, focused and simple.

  1. #9 Phone, tablet and computer

Know how people are using your site and check your landing page on all the commonly used devices and in the most popular browsers. Keep an eye on your conversion rates and take note if any one device is underperforming – you could have a display problem!

Driving traffic to your landing page

While SEO will bring people to your landing page, the most effective way to test its sales power is through Adwords or Facebook ads.   Ads will allow you to perform split testing (A/B testing) on the conversion rate of your landing page. By tweaking copy, layout and design colours, you may find a startling difference in conversion rates. Keep testing and fine tuning until you have an ultimate sales landing page.

Ok, so finally it’s time for landing page SEO

Wait, wasn’t this post all about landing page SEO? Actually, landing pages are rarely the top SEO priority but they can be. Once you’ve finished writing your landing page copy, go back and pepper in a few mentions of your keyword if there’s a great place to do so. Don’t sacrifice a snappy headline for a little SEO bump. Keep the landing page copy focused wholly on conversions. Create a snappy meta title (with front and centre keywords to keep your Adwords Quality Score high) and description that gives a powerful reason to click through but also contains your keyword.

Leave the above the fold area simple and conversion driven. It’s vital that they can click and convert.

The secret to landing page SEO is below the fold

When visitors come to your landing page they should be greeted with your high conversion copy – the entire above the fold area should be taken up with blissful reasons to give you money. Below the fold, however, is wide open. Don’t just fill this space with meaningless banter. This is where you put your long copy – answering questions, overcoming objections, telling them exactly why they need you and nobody else.

The best way to bring organic traffic straight to your landing page is with quality copy, beautifully written for conversion and for SEO power. Make it long, rich and full of keywords, related words and adjectives. As a bonus, long copy that features keyword rich subheadings and valuable text will also increase your Adwords Quality Score – and who doesn’t want cheaper click prices?

By tweaking your copy, your design and your perception of your landing page SEO and CRO, you could increase your conversions by 1 or 2 percent. Doesn’t seem much but in reality, that means DOUBLING your sales! Isn’t that worth an hour’s work?

Need more help or advice about landing page SEO? Talk to Media Heroes – the heroes of the web!

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