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Udai Singh

Udai Singh

Udai is an SEO Technical Expert who specialises in boosting the ranking of businesses. He's also well-versed in social media marketing.
20 Jul 2021

Growth Booster: Spice Up Your Google My Business Profile With Blogs 🌶

A guide on how to add a Google My Business blog to your business listing, to make your profile more enticing and super fresh!

06 Jun 2021

Google’s Core Web Vitals May Harm Your SEO | How To Fix

Google's Core Web Vitals (CWV) are part of their latest major algorithm update. We explain what it is, why it's important, and how to get a good SEO score.

16 May 2021

How To Boost A Post On Facebook & Get More Clicks [Guide]

A guide on how to boost a post on Facebook to maximise your reach, attract customers + grow your audience. Learn all you need to know about Facebook boosts

25 Mar 2021

The 4 Most Important Social Media Metrics To Measure [Guide]

The ultimate list of social media metrics to measure for 2021, including Facebook reach, Facebook comments, Facebook CTR, and follower growth rate.

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