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Udai Singh

Udai Singh

Udai is an SEO Technical Expert who specialises in boosting the ranking of businesses. He's also well-versed in social media marketing.
14 Jul 2022

How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads? Set A Strong Budget

A guide to how much you should spend on Facebook ads, including what affects it. Set a strong budget for your Facebook adverts

12 Jul 2022

On Page vs Off Page SEO: What They Are & Why You Need Both

The key differences between on page vs off page SEO, and why you need both types to achieve a high ranking website

16 Jun 2022

9 SEO Myths Debunked | Don't Get Tricked!

8 of the most common SEO myths debunked, so you have a better idea of what makes a good SEO campaign

15 Jun 2022

Get More Clicks With Google SEO Rich Snippets

Google SEO rich snippets can be a shining promotion for your business, and a great way to attract more visitors

01 Jun 2022

Are Product Tags Good For SEO? Best Practices For Product Tags

Are product tags good for SEO? We explore the purpose of product tags, how they help users, and whether they improve your product's SEO

23 May 2022

SEO & Content Marketing Go Hand In Hand—You Need Both

Have you ever wondered how SEO and content marketing are linked? Our latest article explores this link and how content marketing can help your SEO efforts.

20 May 2022

The Importance Of Backlinks In SEO & How To Get Them

Backlinks are very important for SEO. We explore the main reasons why, and offer some advice on how to attract high quality backlinks to your website

11 May 2022

What Is Technical SEO? 15 Audit Tasks To Boost Rankings

What is technical SEO? And what are the major technical SEO audit tasks that should be completed to help with high rankings?

22 Apr 2022

8 Ways To Optimise SEO Images & Get More Visitors

The eight best tips for creating highly optimised SEO images, which can attract lots of extra visitors from Google and other search engines

11 Apr 2022

What Is SERP Volatility? Causes, Trackers & How To Fix

A full explanation on SERP volatility, including what it is, what causes it, how to track it, and how to fix it to stabilise your webpage rankings

22 Mar 2022

CTR Manipulation in SEO | Does It Work?

We explore the murky world of CTR manipulation, including how it works, and the risks involved. We also provide some other ways to improve your CTR.

06 Feb 2022

3 Reliable User Signals For SEO & High Rankings

User signals tell Google whether your page is awesome. These are the three user signals that matter most for your SEO.

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