Udai Singh

Udai Singh

Udai is an SEO Technical Expert who specialises in boosting the ranking of businesses. He's also well-versed in social media marketing.
06 Jun 2021

Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) Are Changing The Game

Core Web Vitals is part of the latest major Google algorithm update. We explain what it is, why it's important, and how to address it to keep a good SEO score.

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16 May 2021

How To Boost A Post On Facebook & Get More Clicks [Guide]

Boosting posts on Facebook → what’s it all about? A step-by-step guide to maximise your reach, attract ideal customers + grow your audience

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25 Mar 2021

The 4 Most Important Social Media Metrics To Measure [Guide]

Discover the ultimate list of social media metrics to measure for 2021, which can have a direct impact on your revenue, and increase your bottom-line.

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19 Jun 2017

The Dangerous Impact Of Fake News On Social Media Marketing And Small Businesses

KILLER DUGONGS | The frightening effect of fake news on small businesses | How do you protect yourself against this growing threat? | GET THE FACTS

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23 May 2017

A Comprehensive Guide To WordPress Posts

Do you need help to understand WordPress and posting in WordPress? CLICK HERE for a comprehensive guide to WordPress posts

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