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Stefan Mouttet

Stefan Mouttet

Stefan is a multidisciplinary designer and art director with over 10 years of experience in corporate design, branding, web development, and marketing.
16 Mar 2022

9 Spicy Graphic Design Trends For 2022 & How To Use Them 🌶

9 up-and-coming graphic design trends for 2022, which may capture the hearts and minds of graphic designers

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21 Feb 2022

13 Best Fonts For Websites To Delight Your Customers

13 of the best fonts for websites, including fonts for headers and body copy, and a variety of styles and types

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14 Feb 2022

Psychedelic Design | Epic Examples + How To Use It

A guide to psychedelic design, including where it came from, what it looks like, and how you can use it for a business

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03 Dec 2021

10 Killer UX Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Website

10 of the very best UX tips and tricks to boost your website's usability, and increase conversions

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02 Dec 2021

What Is A Style Guide & Why Is It Crucial For A Business?

What is a style guide? We explore the concept, the components of a style guide, and some style guide examples to inspire your own

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08 Nov 2021

11 Graphic Design Styles For Your Design | When To Use + Images

A selection of common graphic design styles to use for your company's branding and website design

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02 Jun 2021

How To Create An Email Signature For Your Business [Guide]

A guide on how to create an email signature for your business, without HTML skills. Includes an email signature generator, & works on iPhone, Gmail & more

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06 May 2021

What Goes Into A Dynamite Landing Page Design [+Examples]

What makes a high-converting landing page design. Includes landing page examples, amazing landing page designs, what a landing page is, and more.

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28 Apr 2021

What Makes A Best Practice Contact Us Page? [+10 Examples]

How to create a best practice contact us page that converts prospects into customers. Includes plenty of examples to inspire you

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21 Apr 2021

High-Performing Homepage Designs [+Examples & Layouts]

Crucial things to include in your homepage designs, plus tons of homepage web design inspiration for e-commerce, service-based, & informational websites.

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10 May 2013

The Grittiness of Grunge

Most design trends come and go..but a few stand the test of time. Grunge design is one of those survivors, and for a good reason! Learn more about it!

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