A Quick Guide To Boosting Posts On Facebook

Posted by Udai Singh on Apr 4, 2017 10:34:07 PM

Facebook allows businesses to pay a fee to ensure a post appears higher in the feeds of their target audience. This is known as – boosting posts on Facebook and can be a great way to increase visibility.

How much you pay for your boost depends on how many people you would like your business page post to reach and the number of days you wish to run your boosted post. So is it right for your business?

Reaching your target audience via boosting a post on Facebook

There are three types of audience groups you can choose to reach with your boosted posts, although the process of boosting posts on Facebook is the same. You can choose to boost:

  • To Facebook users who already like your page
  • To Facebook users who like your page and their friends
  • To a selected audience, who you choose through targeting (i.e. age group, gender, location and interests)

Something you need to ask yourself is whether your current Facebook likers are your target audience? If most of your Facebook fans are your friends and their friends, but they don’t have a genuine need for your product or service, there’s no point in boosting a post on Facebook to that audience group. That’s when your better option is to choose to target a group of Facebook users who are your ideal market, which you determine based on age, gender, location and interests.

That said, if your existing audience is made up of those with a genuine interest in your product or service, boosting a post on Facebook with them in mind is the right thing to do.

The benefits of boosting posts on Facebook

Boosting a post on Facebook increases the visibility of the Facebook posts you believe are important to your audience. The more people who like your page, the more your business is exposed to a larger number of Facebook fans. These fans are your potential customer base.

When done right, boosting a post on Facebook helps promote your products or services, maximises visibility and, in the long-term, helps you reach your goals to increase sales conversions or website traffic.

What is the best type of Facebook post to boost and why?

Not every Facebook post will be worthy of a boost. It is suggested you boost no more than one Facebook post a week. Choose something useful, entertaining or memorable and make that one post count! You want to appear helpful to your audience and resonate with them.

You should be boosting posts on Facebook that speak to your audience, and content that has no expiry date. This is called ‘evergreen’ content. Here are some examples that work well for most businesses:

#1 Branded memes

You might think of memes as an odd way of communicating a business message, but these digital posts have exploded in popularity and are shared frequently – which means more people seeing your brand! Find a quote or image that is relatable for your audience; one that is funny, inspirational or gives great advice. Brand this meme with your own colours and logo, being wary of any copyright concerns. Voila, you have a Facebook post ready to boost.

#2 Engagement posts

Facebook posts that ask a question encourage your audience to engage with your Facebook page. For example, if you are selling a product, give your followers an option of four product images – A, B C, D – and ask them which they prefer. Invite them to rank their preferences via a comment, then join in the conversation to further encourage activity on your page. Boosting a post on Facebook like this helps you get to know your audience preferences. Interaction is also likely to appear in the Facebook feeds of your followers’ friends, winning your more Facebook fans along the way.

#3 Videos

Video content is huge right now, and popularity is on the rise. You only need to have a look at your own Facebook feed to see how many videos appear in your timeline on average, from funny cat antics to humorous GIFS. For a business, you want to find and share video content that is highly relevant, or – better still – make your own branded video content. Video content is the most likely type of boosted post to ‘go viral’.

Should I boost blog posts and articles on Facebook?

Relevant blog articles that connect with your audience should be shared to your Facebook business page; it’s good business practice. This is most effective if the content is your own blog post, but if you are time poor you can also share articles from other pages.

If you have other social profiles like LinkedIn or Google Plus, make sure you share this type of content on these platforms, too.

Pro Tip: Sharing your blog posts to your Facebook groups using a plugin like SumoME is super easy and increases your content reach straight away. In order to do this, you would first have to join a group on Facebook through your personal profile. You should ideally look for groups that you think your target market might join. Then using SumeME you can easily share the article or blog with all the groups you are a member of. This will help you to reach a larger group of people directly within your target market. 

There are 2 ways to post an article on your Facebook page:

1. Go to your blog and copy the article URL. Paste this URL as a regular post on your Facebook page. Your post will look much better if you add a great image to your article while posting on your Facebook page, rather than use the image that automatically appears (sometimes the automated image will be tiny).

Boosting posts on Facebook: Ways To Post An Article on Facebook

2. Using a social sharing plugin like SumoME (as we have done on our own website) is the easiest way to share a post on your Facebook page.

SumoMe Shares - Media Heroes


SumoME is a WordPress plugin that enables you to easily share content from your website across to your social media accounts. It also makes it simple for website visitors to share your content. SumoME is a powerful plugin that works with major email services providers such as MailChimp, HugSpot, AWeber and Infusionsoft, just to mention a few. SumoME is a free and easy way to double your email subscriber list and increase your social traffic.

Pro tip for Facebook sharing (clearing Facebook’s cache)

When you first share anything, Facebook creates a cache of your blog post or article. If you then want to edit your article title, image or descriptions, Facebook will not update this even for new shares (will keep the old cache).

In order to fix this, you must go in and clear Facebook’s cache. A simple way to do this is to go to this link: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/. Enter your article URL and click ‘debug‘. On the next screen click ‘scrape again’ to clear your cache.

Boosting Posts On Facebook - Clear Facebook Cache


Your step-by-step guide on boosting a Facebook post

Step 1: Choose the post you wish to boost. It can be one you’ve just published, or an existing one (published post: June 2012). Click the ‘boost post’ button on right.

Boosting posts on Facebook: Click the boost post button

Step 2: Choose your audience. Think about your target reader and choose to boost to friends, their friends or another specific demographic group.

Boosting posts on Facebook: Choose your target audience

Step 3: You can also target your audience by interests, location, age and gender. Take advantage of these options here.

Boosting posts on Facebook: Extra options - target audience

Step 4: Decide on your budget. How much you spend will depend on how long you want the post boosted. This will, in turn, give you an estimate of likely reach.

Boosting posts on Facebook: Decide your budget

Step 5: Enter your payment details.

Boosting posts on Facebook: Payment details

Budgeting for boosting a post on Facebook

When you are new to boosting posts on Facebook, the start of your digital promotion journey may be a case of ‘trial and error’. Once you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, you can increase your budget for boosting a Facebook post that resonates with your customer base.

Start with a small budget, and play around to see the traction you are getting from your Facebook post boosts. Keep a close eye on your Facebook insights to understand how your boosted posts are working for you.

SEO benefits of boosting posts on Facebook

In addition to benefits for your Facebook engagement and growing a potential client base, there are indirect benefits to your SEO as an outcome of boosting posts on Facebook.

  • You are connecting your content with your target audience. Writing content is great, but if people are not reading then the benefit is minimised. Reaching the right audience with your content is an advantage to your business.
  • Usability signals. Google gives more ‘weight’ to user based signals including how long your readers spend on your site and how many pages they visit while they’re there. When you create great content that solves specific problems, the click-through rates increase. This, in turn, creates a positive feedback mechanism for your SEO campaign.
  • You are sending a concentrated quantity of traffic to the article. The traffic produces good usability signals, which again is a positive reinforcement to Google. This benefits how well your article ranks. Boosting a post on Facebook gets your article ‘out there’!
  • Conversion rate benefit. A specific audience is going to read your boosted article, which means a higher rate of potential conversions. Tailor your content right and you can direct the reader through your sales funnel, hopefully getting them to fill in your contact form or shop online.
  • Boosting a post increases the chance of gaining links for your article by targeting a specific audience of people who are most likely to link to or share the piece. This creates an increased chance of inbound links and socials signals, which boosts the authority of your site.
  • You are connecting with your existing audience and business networks by targeting the people who like your page and their friends. This results in brand reinforcement and again helps drive conversions.

Understanding Facebook Reach: How Increasing Your Budget Impacts Your Reach

Doubling your Facebook boosted post budget will not necessarily mean that you will double the people you are able to reach. Facebook takes into account various factors regarding your boosted posts:

  • Facebook’s system learns which ads perform the best for you. This means that some ads you create may be delivered more than others. Which ad is shown more is based on a number of factors like the length of time your ad is set to run, your ad budget and also how many people actually click the ad. Another factor that can impact this is how your ads are structured.
  • Estimated & potential reach for your ads. Your ad’s potential reach is the total number of people in your target audience, which you can increase or decrease the number by making your targeting broader or more specific. On the other hand, the estimated daily reach gives you an idea of how many of the people in your target audience you may be able to reach on a particular day.
  • Estimated daily reach is only an estimate! This estimate is based on the average performance of all your ads targeted to your selected audience. This also depends on how defined your audience is and the set ad budget.
  • Facebook takes into account the ad objective you targeted, the size and activity of your defined audience and also how much you’re willing to spend to reach them. These numbers should be used only as an estimate, not as a prediction of how many people will actually see your ad once it’s running.
  • Helpful links for further reading: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/112141358874214

Things to consider before boosting a post on Facebook

  • Be strategic. Plan your Facebook content with your goals in mind; whether that be to increase your brand awareness, to boost product sales or increase your blog traffic.
  • Ideally, you want to promote your own content rather than others. Boost original, brand-relevant content wherever possible.
  • Post content that is helpful and relatable for your Facebook fans.
  • Maximise the options offered by Facebook and use them to your advantage, i.e. promoting to your current fan base or to target a new audience.
  • Boosting a Facebook post should be done when your audience is online. Work out when the best time is to boost a post by going into your Facebook page ‘insights’ and ‘posts’ to see when your ideal audience is checking their feeds.
  • Produce or obtain high-quality imagery and video, relevant to your business.

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